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Raw informations & future specials - scroll and read points 1.) to 8.) now in.

1.) Portable nice weather field generator for everyone's WELLBEING <> available SFERICS GENERATOR in 2008 (non-binding info. <> see the attached picture of the first prototype LC board size). General descriptions what "nice weather field" or "SFERICS" are read after the book critics at 6.).

1a.) First demonstrations at the trade show MEDIA2007, Duesseldorf, Germany (from November 15th till 16th 2007); please contact us there at the booth of "Bayern-Innovativ".

electronic device prototype

2.) Basics & activities of the WEB pages owner FKE GmbH and Doctor of Science (D.Sc.) Florian M. König read at the dissertations summery and vita.. Besides: Sferics/Atmospherics are related to the "climate change" (hint: Compare to Mr. El Gore)" or weather.

2a.) In 2008/2009 we plan a START UP 4Sferics regarding a new company - "you could be a part of it": Companies stock options / investments / activities (new jobs) / patent vending are actually open for all interested people >>> contact us!

3.) Actual planned lecture at the International Institute of Biophysics dated for Aug-22-2008: "A historical retrospection "in to the future" regarding the Schumann-Resonance and developments today" <> visit WEB:

3a.) An example of held lectures (30st June 2007, hint: "facts due to point 1.): German symposium so called Frühjahrstagung on 21st April 2007 nearby Heidelberg in Germany, topics were: " SFERICS, EMC/EMF, technics, earthquakes prediction" <> read the new book !!! Furthermore some news to the "forest dieback" (or desease of trees) near to TV or cellulare phone tower field emissions: Published in Wetter-Boden-Mensch 4-2006 ; and learn and look to the sferics demo video clip to download here and EMF/EMC LINK's you'll find more at point 7. later here at this page!.

4.) All new knowledge in a book (219 pages / > 73 figures). Interdisciplinary studies + results due to natural or artificial fields in the atmosphere / sferics >>> lecture + publications in German to download here (1,12 MB PDF) >>> NET-Journal 12/2004 and NEWS 2/2005 by the Jupiter Verlag (read the disclaimer for that publications at the fke main page ). To read PDF documents get this:

6.) "Bio system neutral modulations" based on SFERICS: Read some informations due to state-aided research (hint: German AiF program) mainly own patent related "bio system neutral modulations" based on sferics as incoherent/a-periodic/stochastic time-frequency signal forming. This could be a future successor for GSM/DECT/WLAN/W-CDMA standardized systems just patented <> is available now! More informations around the book and book critics:


German book price: 23,95; to order here Michaels Verlags. GmbH


7.) Descriptions what "nice weather field" or "SFERICS" are and more <> a vision becomes true: "SFERICS" or "atmosherics" are existing because of spatial air movements and very fine discharges between plus and minus electrostatic zones. All weather conditions (hint: clouds, wind/thermal lift, high or low pressure ... thunderstorms, tornado's) relate to different types of discharges (invisible). The most well known SFERICS is the visible lightning of thunderstorms. Animals, humans and plants learned over millions of Years to combine this weather conditions to such parallel perceived fine bursts / discharges as an alarming or relaxing information (hint: meteorotropy). Don't forget our central nervous system inside our body: It works on transmissions of bursts! Also today our well being is directly influenced on this often so called "back ground noise of he atmosphere" (also covered in houses plus technical field emitters like DECT, GSM mobile phones, WLAN or the home's power supply) ... the wave length is longer then X thousand KM or miles ... very low frequency magnetic fields go through all materials and our body (see literature: Robert O. Becker, "Cross Currents"). Furthermore and unfortunately science knows, that artificial human made (periodic/coherent) field emissions by electrical devices are damaging living things on our planet (hint: EMC/EMF, later more). So fare this gift of our nice blue planet having stochastic/incoherent fields in the atmosphere was our "reference field situation" till the Year 1898 when Nicola Tesla invented alternating 50/60 Hz power supply et cetera. To get those SFERICS, better "nice weather fields" as an relaxing meteorotropy information everywhere all the time "should be" a technical approach back to or biological basics! Years of scientific investigations via recordings, signal analyses and theoretical models now offer us a digital copy of he nature: The patented "nice weather field generator" as shown above in 1.). The meteorotropy correlates high significantly in statistics to diseases like migraine, epilepsy, depression, sleeping problems or thrombosis functions or increase (hint: Prof. E. Jacobi, Germany) and so on. How we humans feel during high pressure or nice weather is well known .... relaxed, no physical alarm! Should we have that all days as from now?!

SUMMERY: The portable nice weather field generator for everyone's WELLBEING:

8.) Extraordinary devices contra electro-mag effects << written only in german >> gegen Elektrosmog .

9.) Direct contakt:

D.Sc. Florian M. Koenig, Finkenstrasse 1, D-82110 Germering, Germany

Fon: +49-(0)89-84938136

Fax: +49-(0)89- 84938137

mailto: ""info2"" << just use the name without the ""_"_" for eMails <> I don't need SPAM's!!!

The companies letter address is: Florian König Enterprises GmbH (***FKE GmbH), Kreuzlinger Strasse 39, D-82110 Germering

***Man.Dir. of the FKE GmbH is D.Sc. Florian M. König; "german sales tax number" / USt-IdNr. DE128248796; register number / HRB 94616 district court of munich (Amtsgericht München).

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